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As a native of Sylt, I am very close to the sea and the coast. When I paint, I can dream myself there and almost smell the salty air.

On long walks, I capture my impressions by sketching and taking photos to bring them later on canvas or paper.
I apply my passion in different techniques, depending on the motive and intention.

I prefer watercolour and oil paints if I want to work looser. Watercolours can almost paint by themselves if you let them. I find it exciting to give up a little bit of control to see what happens. In oil, I usually paint alla prima and also on location en plein air.
I like to paint my Wildlife paintings realistically and in acrylic. As acrylic paints dry faster, multiple coats can be applied quickly to create depth.

I need the change between very realistic painting in acrylic to paintings that begin to live by abstractions as in the watercolours or oil paintings. The furthest abstraction I achieve with my linocuts. My intention is to represent and create moods through colour and form and yet to work in a looser and painterly way.


Interview in the web journal "Deichticker" (in german)


2018 HanseBird in Hamburg

2017 MoVo (Moderne Vogelbilder - Modern Birdpaintings) in Halberstadt

2016 "Meermalen" Haus Peters in Tetenbüll ( Eiderstedt)

2016 anniversary exhibition participation "25 Jahre Haus Peters" (catalogue)

2015 MoVo (Moderne Vogelbilder - Modern Birdpaintings) in Halberstadt

2013 "Wild auf's Bild" exhibition participation Animaler in the Kulturfabrik Haldensleben

2013  MoVo (Moderne Vogelbilderr- Modern Birdpaintings) in Halberstadt

2007 - 2009 several exhibition participations in Hamburg

2005 exhibition participation " Perlen" at the gallery Rendon in Hamburg

2005-2010 painting course with  Carolin Beyer

1998-2000 made several illustrations for the agency Bartel, Brömmel, Struck (Otto, Eurocamp, Allianz)

1997 worked as graphic designer

1996 - 1997 six month stay in Brussels 3 month practical training at the advertising agency Ammirati Puris Lintas in Brussels/Belgium

1993 - 1996 Kunstschule Wandsbek 1996 certificate

During school painting cours with Günther Winkler (student of Schmitt-Rottluff ), practical training as typesetter at Sylter Druckerei, exhibition participation at the Stadtgalerie Alte Post in Westerland, communitiy college in Hörnum, Sparkasse Niebüll

1990 1. price poster contest "Schule und AIDS" from ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Culture of Schleswig-Holstein

1989 2. price photo-, painting- and poster contest to Sylt's environmental action from municipal authority of Westerland

1986 1. price painting contest "Jugend und Alkohol" regional winner in my age group
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